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The ask box is meant for you to use, my wonderful followers.

I am really hoping that you’ll take advantage of the ask box and help others in spreading the positivity around. I’ll post an old list of mine to help y’all out. I really want this to be an outlet for you all to recheck your days and lives and really find the positive things about it. XD. so. here’s another example of it!

1. finalizations are coming along greatly for my late brother’s dedication tattoo.
2. my dad and i are going to attempt to fix our lack of relationship.
3. i’ve emotionally released alot tonight.
4. i’m going to pick up bento box recipe cooking and baking.
5. God is still good. even when i’m at my worst. and. i’m pretty much there mentally.
6. i know i can depend on you all when i need it.
7. letters! how could i have missed the joy in writing them! although since my laptop has been taken away till i get a job. your addresses need to be texted to me.
8. i’ve got job applications i’ve been completing. which is huge for my small town of kouts.
9. thank goodness i can still do photography through film. i prolly would have lost my mind if i didn’t have that.
10. i’ve picked up painting. which is interesting and fun.
11. we are studying one of my favorite books in the ‘women’s bible study’ at my church. Hosea. and. i get to reread and own ‘Redeeming Love’ by Francine Rivers. an amazing author.
12. studying to get my license. so. hopefully i’ll be able to legally drive as soon as college approaches again.

I have 12 up here but I am really hoping that everyone can find at least 10 things and if not how ever many real things you can find.. Get looking towards the positive side of things and use my ask!

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